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Minerva Hub is born

The new Italian industrial reality in the fashion sector specializing in finishes and materials for luxury products.

The first Italian group that expresses manufacturing excellence at the service of creativity and luxury manufacturing, embracing an unprecedented range of skills. A new presence in the industrial system, not only in Italy, which combines the know-how of the best companies in the sector in the various supply chains, with a strong commitment to production, economics, social and environmental responsibility.

Minerva Hub is the group presented today in Milan by Franco Prestigiacomo (CEO of Xenon P.E.), Gianfranco Piras (President of XPP SEVEN) and Matteo Marzotto (President of Ambria Holding).

Nasce dalla fusione di XPP Seven e Ambria Holding: due iniziative imprenditoriali che hanno aggregato in questi anni alcune delle migliori aziende del comparto.

At the time of its establishment, the group had over 101 million euros in revenues, a portfolio of approximately 1000 customers and 434 direct employees.
These numbers derive from the activity of Galvanica Formelli (Arezzo), Koverlux (Bergamo), Quake (Vicenza), Sp Plast Creating (Fermo), Zeta Catene (Arezzo), Zuma Pelli Pregiate (Pisa).

The company’s first objective is to coordinate, integrate and enhance the activities of subsidiaries, to provide products and services of absolute excellence to its customers. Global brands absolute guarantors of creativity, quality, innovation. An aggregation that intends to create a real all-Italian brand dedicated to high-end service.